This blog was created to bring awareness to anyone who ever crosses the path with this troll Matt Smith from Herne bay, who calls himself “smithmatt007” aka “Matthew John Smith Ltd” aka “Matthew Smith of BNP PARIBAS” and God knows how many other aliases this jumped up prick has. Matt Smith “smithmatt007” lives in London and is a 37 years old ( as in 2017) geezer who works at BNP PARIBAS/ JP Morgan Chase as OTC derivatives analyst.

This is Matt Smith from Herne Bay, a creepy loser with no other purposes than being: a creep, a loser, a pervert misfit and a sexual deviant. Matt Smith “smithmatt007” (that’s his one his  numerous aliases on instagram, snapchat, and dating sites etc..) is the worst person you could ever meet, date or work with.

Matthew Smith of BNP PARIBAS lies constantly, cheats and spread his STDs like wildfire. He does not disclose his STD status and has intentionally infected many people. He does not hesitate to backstab and betray his friends , steal their money , use and abuse them in every possible ways. ( I speak of experience !)

matthew smith bnpparibas london horse

Uncanny ressemblance between Matt Smith smithmatt007 mother and that ladyboy he cheated with

Matt Smith smithmatt007 lives in Clapham . Where Matt Smith spend all day contacting tranny prostitutes , and also children. He even does it at the office of BNP PARIBAS and JP Morgan where Matt Smith works! Matt Smith routinely creeps on young boys and girls who are underage on social medias ( whatsapp, Facebook, instagram, tumblr, twitter, snapchat etc…). He believes there’s nothing wrong in molesting children !

Notice the resemblance between Pauline Smith, who works at Canterbury Cathedral, mother of Matt Smith smithmatt007 and the ladyboy on the photo (who he cheated with !

“You are what you eat”: this perfectly describe the  man in the picture Matt Smith who by the way loves to brag about his small penis. He thinks he good in bed when he really sucks!

Please ladies and men, don’t let this man called Matthew Smith (financial analyst in London BNP PARIBAS/ JP Morgan Chase) fool you! He might seems like a nice man at first because he can be convincing but when the mask falls what you will find out is that in reality he is really a scumbag!