Matt Smith of BNP PARIBAS London is always flatulent

Matt Smith at BNP PARIBAS in London United Kingdom creates a toxic and unhealthy workplace environment — both literally and figuratively. This is what happens when we hire tricksters , liars and manipulators. We’re stuck with the undesirables like Matt Smith! He should seriously consider seeing a doctor regarding his excessive flatulence. Matt Smith’s co-workers at BNP PARIBAS London are disgusted with his body odor, bad breath, constant passing of gas, etc.

It is a reasonable exception for people to be respectful of their colleagues but Matthew Smith eats and farts openly at his desk as a result smelling up the whole office! Ewwww! Gross! Matthew Smith even talks loudly on the telephone showing complete disregard for his fellow co-workers. Matt Smith must be nuts to think that people don’t gossip about his unhygienic habits. I hope this filthy animal will see this post and get the message. I am shocked no one complains to HR!!! Yuck.

P.S: Matt Smith at BNP PARIBAS is always well known to be a sleazy creep and lost his previous job at JP Morgan Chase for sexual misconduct ( he booked prostitutes using the corporate email adress and was sexually harassing his colleagues)


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