Woman called Ewa Grace from London UK

Post about Ewa Grace from London United Kingdom who is friend of the disgusting slob called Matt Smith that she met while they were in Bournemouth University.

I don’t have many things to say on this person Ewa Grace in London, United Kingdom  working as  ‎Resourcing Manager – Experienced Hire at Grant Thornton UK LLP – ‎Grant Thornton UK LLP but she seems very fake, like that creep Matt Smith. Like she acts friendly when you see her but you know it’s just a fake facade!

ewa grace london recruiter manager

the pedophile friend of ewa grace

Anyway the friend of Ewa Grace has numerous STDs. Matt Smith “smithmatt007” also frequents brothels/ massages parlours and indulges escorts on a routine basis and I hear he is an awful tipper when it comes to sexual services. Matthew Smith of BNP PARIBAS spends an astronomical sum of money on call girls for his pleasure. Matt Smith “smithmatt007”is also on the Tinder app routinely seeking young teenage girls.Matt Smith is a despicable person !


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