Orit David in Tel Aviv , Israel

Orit David from Tel Aviv is a ugly nasty looking wrinkled faced grandpa! This disgusting old man Orit David is the ugliest thing you could see on the streets!

Matt Smith “smithmatt007” get fucked in the ass by this old tranny Orit David. Actually the tranny Orit David uses his big nose (typical beak that jews have) to fuck Matt Smith smithmatt007 who works at BNP PARIBAS.

Another observation. Look at the photo of the two demon kike sodomites together. Look at their probosces. I theorize that the Semitic beak is what was meant by the mark of Cain.
I have become almost horrified looking at the jews’ Semitic features. There is something truly disturbing about their physiognomy. Again, I believe that either they are descended from demons or God cursed them at some point.

Another thing that faggot Matt Smith smithmatt007 and the old tranny Orit David have in common is those disgusting acne pimples they have everywhere!

Even with tons of make up, the ugly tranny Orit David has his mustache peaking through the 100 layers of foundation this vile monster is puting on his face!

Matthew Smith of BNP PARIBAS is really an ugly tranny cocksucker !

What a grotesque looking man! Look at this! Orit david reminds me of the evil queen in “Snow White” when she transform as an old woman to give Snow White the poisoned apple!

But the thing is that the Evil Queen was only ugly when she transformed herself into an old granny to fool Snow White that she was someone else. Orit David is always ugly !

This Orit David who is a nasty big nosed wrinkled faced crackwhore looking grandma, or should I say grandpa!

I’m not trying to be mean, but if you gotta wear shitloads of makeup then you should at least shave your thick mustache as well…

orit-david israel

This is the cocksucker Matthew Smith “smithmatt007” who just can’t resist to a good dick!I bet Orit david‘s nose is bigger than his cock, though!


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