Carolina Salas in London UK

Carolina Salas ( Carolina Taylor) ,United Kingdom – ‎Marketing Manager at Alpari (UK) Ltd – ‎Alpari (UK) Ltd , London , looks like a baby whale and should stay off the pizzas, burgers and kebabs !

That ass on Carolina Salas / Carolina Taylor reminds me of an enormous lump of swiss cheese being cut in half.

The only thing worse than that lumpy, gross ass is to waste money on plastic surgery thinking getting fake boobs would distract from being fat. Get a grip, that thing is misshapen, horribly deformed and not the least bit attractive to the vast majority of people. Even guys that like a big butt are turned off by that thing.

Carolina Taylor London Alpari

Carolina Taylor London Alpari cheats with this loser who regularly goes to brothels and uses chinese prostitutes

The guy that Carolina Taylor cheats on her husband with is a faggot called Matt Smith “smithmatt007 “who is also a cheater and a liar! And one thing for sure, he loves the horsefaced trannies. Look at that donkey on the picture! Disgusting!

Carolina Salas aka Carolina Taylor in London who works at Alpari is a disgusting fat slut who cheats on her husband with her ex the loser, tranny cocksucker Matt Smith who works at BNP PARIBAS and calls himself smithmatt007.

This fat lardass should go on a diet, although maybe eating Matt Smith tiny little dick will cut her appetite ??

More infos :

Carolina Taylor

Marketing Manager at Alpari (UK) Ltd

United Kingdom
  1. Alpari (UK) Ltd
  1. Spread Co Ltd,
  2. Kaplan International Colleges,
  3. Starbucks Coffee Company
  1. University of Strathclyde

Carolina Taylor of London Alpari and her ex the ugly cuntface Matt Smith who works at BNP PARIBAS and London.

Carolina Taylor of Alpari is a fat cheating slut with no morals, instead of taking care of her family, she cheats with a ugly loser Matthew Smith who dumped her fat ass cause he got bored of her and cheated on her with Asian whores that he contacted on a website called “” . He also said that he never loved and was just using her for sex and to split the bills because Matt Smith is poor!


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